Third Party Logistics (3PL)


StoreFresh, your 3PL partner, provides you with all the necessary services to ensure that there is agility in your supply chain. We deal in warehousing, supply chain solutions, fulfilment centers and cold storages in East India. Our warehousing services revolve around industries of FMCG, automobile, appliances, apparel, pharma and ecommerce. Our cold storage industries include dairy, desserts, pharma, FMCG, and frozen. Cloud kitchen, retail, pharma, ecommerce are the various industries associated with the fulfilment centers. We provide facilities in warehousing like ready-to-move and built to suit. Advanced infrastructural facilities and technologically sound operations go hand-in-hand with our services. As a 3PL service provider we provide various solutions like inventory management, packaging/re-packaging, assembling, labelling, licensing and many more.


top view of Warehouse

Post the pandemic of Covid-19, the trend has shifted towards ecommerce options. This brings about a shift in the supply chain patterns. Therein arises the need of warehouses to support such shifts. With the middle-class businessmen entering into the sector of warehousing, there seems to be a gap that develops in the understanding of the need of the final consumer. StoreFresh bridges the gap between the landlord and the client and leases out warehouses while bearing the complete responsibility of inventory management, licensing, safety, sourcing. Warehouses for rent are both for long and short term and both ready-to-move and built-to-suit warehouses are given on lease. Pre-engineered buildings, reinforced cement concrete (RCC) building warehouses and shed structured warehouses are provided by us. Shared or dedicated, warehouses are allotted as per the need. Warehouses together with parking spaces are leased out at the prime locations in West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Odisha and Jharkhand. StoreFresh warehouses have hydrants, extinguishers and sprinklers which ensures the safety of all goods. We provide different storage systems for handling goods of different kinds like racking, palletizers, mezzanine and dock levelers for the movement of various goods and conveyor belts, fork-lifts, pallet trucks, sorting machines for handling different goods. Our infrastructural facilities include IT and conference rooms, pantry, staff quarters. We operate on various models of revenue and charges are made as per the suitability of our clients. Delivery is made on time and safety of goods is ensured. This helps us gain customer satisfaction and rapid growth.

Cold Storage

Image of loading goods from warehouse to truck

StoreFresh offers cold storage at various places in Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Jamshedpur and Guwahati. Services are provided as per need and we have tie ups with local cold units. We take up control of necessary operations when needed and we provide models like built to suit for various corporate giants. Temperature sensitive goods are handled and it is ensured that the correct temperature is maintained all the time. Humidifiers, data loggers, coolers, quick movement are the various facilities that are provided at our cold storages. Elongation of the life of perishable goods, avoiding spoilage of food are the main aims of cold storages and by keeping that in mind, various multi storage facilities offering different temperature conditions like frozen, chilled, dry and ambient are provided at our cold storages. Some of the fruits that we deal in include kiwi, pears, dragon fruit, grapes etc. Right from the farms the fruits reach us and they undergo further processing before being delivered to the final consumers. As for dairy products they are stored between temperature ranges of 10 to -15 degree Celsius. Need might arise to hold back products like meat, fish, chicken, so frozen conditions are maintained for storage during such times. We provide necessary standards, manpower, infrastructures for handling delicacies of the pharma industry. Temperature is maintained to store the desserts in the right state and keep them fit for consumption.

Fulfilment Center

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Receiving, checking the quality, sorting the goods, then picking and packing until the final dispatch are the various services that are offered at our fulfilment centers. We have our fulfilment centers located at important pin-codes. Warehouse Management Systems help in tracking of materials for stock upgradation. Various safety measures are offered. Infrastructural facilities offered include racking, mezzanine, palletization. Time and cost factors are handled in a fine way via our fulfilment processes. The processes are designed to meet the demands of the industry in a swift and secure way. The industry of ecommerce is benefitted greatly by the fulfilment centers. Cloud kitchen, retail fulfilment centers, pharma are the various industries that are served. Our fulfilment centers are located strategically in the states of West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Assam, Bihar.

Supply Chain Solution

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Management of inventory is done by taking care of every step involved in the process. Knitting helps in utilization of space in the best possible way. Packaging and re-packaging are done at StoreFresh before the dispatch of the products. Assembling of the products makes them more appropriate for the target markets. A critical part of business, labelling is carefully handled at StoreFresh to ensure the satisfaction of the end consumers. All legal rules and regulations are followed at StoreFresh as we continue to perform our business operations. Strict security measures are taken like surveillance cameras and security guards. No matter what the industry we are dealing in or which state we are operating in, StoreFresh strictly goes by the rules of cleanliness in every step of its operation. Fire protection services are available round the clock and in every space possible.