Contract Logistics: Comprehensive System For Outsourcing Supply Chain

Contract logistics is a comprehensive concept that amalgamates conventional practices of logistics with the supply chain management process. It is a bigger term that focuses on the course of action of production to distribution and the end movement in the supply chain; it is outsourcing a third party company to perform the tasks included in resource procurement and management.

It Stretches To Handle The Following Activities:

  • Formation and planning of the process of supply chain
  • Creating perfect fits for the companies like a warehouse, cold storage, fulfilment centre, and more
  • Regulation of inventories
  • To and fro movement of the products
  • Processing orders and acting as a middleman to collect payments
  • Supervision of labours
  • And, a few aspects of consumer servicing

The aforementioned tasks are seen by the contract manager who, with the help of operational and administrative experts oversees the whole procedure. Usually, the contract abided by clients is for a few years at a minimum. To process the workings, it needs a large space for technology sustained infrastructure.

What makes contract logistics different from other 3pl services?

Contract logistics encompasses the best features of popular 3pl services and covers every segment of the supply chain. It is a major part of third party logistics. It works on the breakdown of networks, route enhancement, warehousing, maintaining the standards set by the company, and various others.

How to contract logistics have become a quintessential part of businesses?

Contract logistics, as understood, is a broader term that covers much more than warehousing, fulfilment, and distribution. It needs long-term cooperation between the logistics service provider and the company and a deep understanding of customers’ behaviour. Over time, it has become an ideal service for various businesses. It benefits the corporations in ways in-house operations cannot.

The benefits of this can vary from industry to industry, but the following are the mutual gains of contract logistics:

  • Cost-savings – It is one of the prime benefits that follow hiring a contract logistics company. When outsourcing an experienced company, you are handing out the prime responsibility to the experts. The team knows their way around negotiations, managing time and resources. Optimisation of cost includes reducing the money spent, optimising the time used, resources consumed, need of human resources, and infrastructure.
  • Interpretation of the weak points – Before starting the process, a well-experienced outsourced entity will do this research by understanding market stats, the situation with the middlemen and local dealers, status of the company, infrastructure, budget and more. They cover the unseen. Hence, it is considered a better replacement for in-house operations.
  • Desired infrastructure – A well-settled company with its practices offers a perfect fit for the inventories at prime locations in the city and outskirts of the city. They have built spaces or have tied hands with the dealers to provide the infrastructure equipped with up-to-date technology. They have also eliminated the need to build-a-space leading to a reduction in expenses. Infrastructure without proper technology will not suffice in the long run. These companies make sure to stay attuned to the several upgrades coming in the market. Out of all, they choose the most suitable one for businesses.You May Also Like: The Promising Aspects Of E-Commerce Supply Chain
  • Efficient fluctuation management – This is one other thing that surpasses the in-house management of the supply chain. The market cannot be predicted accurately, the ups and downs of demand are a part of it. Contact logistics are pro’s in managing when the demand increases. They are prepared with the inventories, manpower, and paperwork requirements, and latest technology to reduce the procedure and fulfil the promise made to the customer.
  • Add-on services – A third party company is enriched with professionals for every minute task. They have professionals handling additional services like documentation, labelling, packaging, assembling, keeping check of inventories, making reports and analysing the flow of the products.

What is in store for contract logistics? 

The marketplace is very diversified and cluttered. Contract logistics is growing its way through the supply chain. It is affected by the government policies and taxations, technology, and strategies of the company as well as its competitors. In India, we are yet to see the bounce in its growth. This sector is still much disorganised and needs workings. It is also influenced by the e-commerce and retail sector and the outcome of the operation.

What is the impact of contract logistics on the supply chain process?

With the help of contract logistics, the flow of products, information in the supply chain smoothens and becomes easier to handle. They have become the core of the supply chain process and have provided a new direction to it. They store inventories, deals with the functioning, and process the product when the order is placed while dealing with the other components. Therefore, it is considered as one of the main links that contribute to the efficiency of the supply chain.

What is the conclusion?

Contract logistics act as the gateway to cost reduction, peak season management, finding out the perfect location, and better handling of the inventories. It effectively makes the flow of the supply chain less complicated and flexible than in-house operations. It takes in many values added processes and significant set-ups.

Hence, it has become a growing need among companies.

Why choose StoreFresh?

For years, StoreFresh has worked with the companies to make the complex logistics process easier. Our use of up-to-the-minute technology has helped in setting a benchmark in East India. It would not have been possible without a dedicated team of professionals. It is a long-term commitment business. With the young and dynamic management, they are able to upkeep the business process and returns. StoreFresh is still moving forward and assisting many companies. Witness the growth of your business by joining hands with us.


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