How Dark Stores Are Revolutionizing Grocery E-Commerce

Modern suppliers must take into account several factors to keep up with the digital world’s rapid growth. The growth of the online grocery market is finally catching up with it. In comparison, rather than partnering with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, the preference for a newer form of the supply chain, such as darks stores, is clear. This is due to the dark store’s offerings, which include a far more advanced model and focused on fulfilling online grocery orders.

What are Dark Stores and How Do They Work?

Dark store in East India is not commercially open to the general public; the interior of StoreFresh, which is a dark store, resembles a traditional market, with separate aisles of shelves containing various grocery items. On the other hand, dark stores are generally established in a remote location that is well connected with a good network of roads, as opposed to being located in large shopping malls.

From the outside, the structures appear to be quiet and unremarkable. Inside the store, assistants are on hand to assist customers with point-of-sale displays, product advice, and check-out counters. The orders are then sent to the shop floor after they have been processed online.

The digitally generated orders are properly routed and sent for processing according to the store’s layout, which aids in optimal picking. In a traditional store, a customer or picker walks down the aisles with a shopping cart and finds the items they need.

In a dark store picking system, on the other hand, the selector stays in the same spot and collects the item. A goods-to-person pick station, also known as a mechanised system pick station, sends products that aren’t as popular, such as spices and cordials. A conveyor belt transports these products from the storage area to the selector.

Products that sell out quickly, such as cold beverages or fruits, are kept on shelves in aisles located in a different section of the dark store in India. Multiple orders can be collected frequently and at the same time in a dark store. Orders are then taken out, and vans are used to deliver them to customers.

Why are Dark Stores Becoming Increasingly Popular for Online Grocery Shopping?

The grocery industry, in particular, faces several challenges, including the need for a large number of SKUs and the constant threat of item perishability. Online grocery stores stand out because they are much more dispensable and provide doorstep delivery to their customers.

The real battleground in grocery eCommerce isn’t just getting online orders but also completing them. This is also directly related to customer retention; the better the item delivery and fulfilment, the more likely customers will return.

As a result, eCommerce behemoths like Amazon and Flipkart have entered the fray and are attempting to launch an online grocery. Furthermore, due to the involvement of key players, hypermarket eCommerce has become more competitive.

When it comes to the popularity of dark stores, numerous associative challenges with online fulfilment arise. Dark stores address a few of the critical challenges very effectively, not only from a consumer’s point of view but also from a seller’s point of view. By delving deeper into how these critical challenges are being addressed, the popularity of dark stores can be better understood.


What Are the Advantages of Using Dark Stores?

A dark store in West Bengal such as that of StoreFresh truly stands out as exceptional, from having an advanced model to being characterised as highly beneficial. It addresses common challenges in grocery eCommerce and shows promising prospects for both end-users and online retailers.

Here are a few of the legitimate benefits that dark stores have brought to the grocery eCommerce industry:

Large Service Areas

Dark stores have the potential to serve in multiple locations with high order capacities, and thus they undeniably outperform grocery retail stores, which have volume and space constraints.

Product Availability Increases

One of the best things about dark stores is that they focus solely on online order fulfilment. As a result, its ability to provide enhanced visibility into stock availability becomes extremely beneficial. This also aids e-tailers in strategising and executing their plans.

Operational Costs are Reduced

There must be associative benefits to see a visible reduction in operational costs. Dark stores are considered a wise choice from an economic standpoint because of their offerings in time optimisation, supply chain efficiency, and real-time visibility.

Customer Service Improvements

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things to remember when fulfilling online orders. Your company’s entire structure will crumble unless you can prove your worth to customers. Dark stores have more modern facilities and management systems, making them ideal for eCommerce fulfilment. Dark stores can be extremely beneficial in picking accuracy, order fulfilment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and keeping quality promises.

According to economic experts, the future will see an increase in the number of dark stores. Additionally, it would give retailers the ability to open new locations in different parts of the world. They can dominate newer markets without being constrained by the limitations of physical operations.

As a result, the transformation of grocery eCommerce via dark stores is clear, and future success is assured.

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