How Important Is It To Have The Right E-Commerce Fulfillment Strategy In Place?

This method is a complete process or travel of an online order from the shop to the customer’s hands. This eCommerce fulfillment process involves procedures like inbounding, picking, packing, processing charges, packing items, packing orders, and even transporting orders to the customer that comes under the fulfillment process.

Order fulfillment process

This process involves various processing of digital marketing, and in each cycle, the process works will increase accuracy to provide perfect service for their clients. These order processes contain multiple steps, and they are

  • Receiving
  • Inventory storage
  • Order processing
  • Shipping
  • Returns processing.

All these are the elements of the order fulfillment process and the primary part of the process. Each piece of this cycle works together to provide a product to the customers as per their requirements. The receiving process is the beginning of the order cycle, and in this, the customer will send a request for a product through the online purchasing channel. The vendor will get the product from their inventory and ship the product to the following process for further processing, leading to the delivery of the product to the customer.

Different types of eCommerce fulfillment strategy

There are three different types of fulfillment strategies available, and each one is unique and has several differences. These strategies are unique in their working technique, and they are effective as per the vendor’s needs. Those three types of eCommerce fulfillment strategies are

  • In-house order fulfillment
  • Third-party fulfillment
  • Drop-shipping

These three different fulfillment strategies help online shopping with various features. And these strategies provide multiple advantages for the users.

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In-house order fulfillment

It is also known as self-fulfillment. In this process, the merchant finishes all the process steps by themselves. And the company will not depend on other service providers to complete the process. This process is in-house order fulfillment, and it has many advantages. This process is standard for small and new merchants who start their inventory and packing orders on their homes.

If the merchants start to improve their business, they will increase the warehouse space, recruiting & staffing, and buy necessary goods for enhancing the business. And at this time, the merchants can’t handle the company, so they reach other strategies to improve the fulfillment. All these are the features of in-house order fulfillment.

Third-party fulfillment

This strategy or working method is suitable for merchants working more with packing orders and shipping them frequently. This type of eCommerce fulfillment has several advantages, and the first advantage is that the merchants can purchase bulk orders of inventory to improve the company’s profit margin. And in this method, no investment is necessary for warehouse space and real estate properties.

This process also has an additional feature of outsourcing the order process to the trustable professionals suitable for completing this process. And this process will increase the connection between the workers and other merchants, which is necessary for business. All these are the advantages of third-party fulfillment, and it also has various attractive features that improve the company.

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In this process, the merchant will not hold the product, and they act as a sales mediator to the customers. And in this process, the manufacturer of the product will produce, store, and ship the product to customers. In this method, the manufacturer will work on behalf of the merchants.

And if a customer orders an effect on the merchant’s website or in any other resource, the order will directly move to the list of manufacturers manually or automatically. It is the working of the drop-shipping process.


All these fulfillment methods are helpful for merchants, and using these eCommerce fulfillment strategies will improve the working processes and experience of online shopping. These features will explain the importance of having fulfillment in the eCommerce field.


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